Thursday, July 16, 2009

My little lady

My little sweetie is getting so big and so smart, it makes me kind of sad that time goes so fast. She's learning how to sit up by herself, it's so cute! Doesn't this picture just look like she's a little lady?

She's trying so hard to crawl. She rolls all over the place but isn't crawling yet, I feel it is soon though! Here she is learning to use her legs:

Sierra has a new favorite cup; her first sippy! She really is growing up! She loves her cup to be filled with apple juice, it's her favorite -- YUM!!
And speaking of growing up too fast, she's also learning to get out of her clothes, the little stripper, lol. I found her one morning like this; her head facing the foot of her bed and her nightie coming off -- she makes me laugh at something new everyday, I love her so much!

To you, my sweet baby girl!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Sierra's first 4th celebration!! Such a little sweetheart!

And here she is doing what she loves to do best -- blow raspberries! Silly goosey!

I love my "all-American cutie!" Happy 4th, baby!

The colors at the end of the day were beautiful! The picture doesn't do it justice!

I didn't get any fireworks pictures, we didn't go see any, it was a long tiring day. Sierra will understand better next year anyway. I hope everyone had a very good, safe 4th of July! We did!

To my sweet hubby!

This post is dedicated to my wonderful husband:

He's such a great daddy!

And he loves his family so much!

He doesn't like his picture taken much, so I don't have many, and he likes to give me goofy smiles when I do catch a picture of him. Sierra and I got him a cake and some movies, and we gave him a certificate and some coupons. I think he likes his stuff!
I just want you to know how much I love and appreciate you, sweetie! Happy Father's Day!

Ketchup anyone?

I'm so bad!! I leave my blog neglected for weeks at a time when there's so much I want to post about! I take all the pictures but then I'm too lazy to put them on the computer and get my blog updated! Anyway, here's another update!!

It's been a busy month and we're getting ready to move up to West Jordan into a cheaper place than the one we're in now, we're excited! We found a nice mobile home in a nice neighborhood and a friendly community. Here are some pictures of the place we're moving to, we're going to give it a good paint job and fix it up nice!

There's a cute little pond & waterfall!

Sierra's room is blue and green but we're going to repaint in girly colors.

The place is surrounded with rose bushes - my favorite flower! And here's a unique flower that grows in our yard too but I don't know the name of it -- anyone?? They're awesome!