Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Halloween was fun this year, we dressed Sierra up as Dora the Explorer:

And Juan was a Redneck Mullet Man, my costume ended up being "Oops, I celebrated the wrong holiday." lol I had an Easter t-shirt on that says "Happy Freakin' Easter", some Easter earrings, pin, and lovely ears. haha

Here's the T-o-T'ers - Melaiya, Sierra, Blake

After Sierra got into it, she LOVED knocking on doors!

The funny faces of Sierra
I do this funny face at Sierra sometimes and she copies it now, lol:

She's so nice to her baby...hahaha

Aww, there's a nice hug!
Love my girl!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall is here!

Ah yes, Fall is here. The time when leaves change into brilliant colors and drop to the ground for kids to gather up and jump in. The air gets cooler. And HALLOWEEN is near!! Yay!
I got this ad yesterday in the mail and something funny caught my eye, can you tell what it is? Look it over carefully, then I'll zoom in.

Can't tell what's funny? Here's a closer look:

That just struck me as funny, I don't know why. No wonder the kid has a frown on his face. LOL
Why is it that kids just won't cooperate when you need them to? I'm talking specifically about MY kid! I had her all dressed up and ready for pictures of her Halloween costume but she's such a strong-willed stinker/child and she wouldn't cooperate in the least! Finally, I let her flop to the floor, arranged everything and snapped a picture! So, here she is....Dora the Explorer. Except for the tears, everything was perfect. Even the map - I made it.
We are all ready for Halloween, hooray! My favorite time of year!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day, Zoo, Concert

Boy, have I got some catching up to do! There's been lots going on, so I'll start with three segments; Labor Day weekend, our zoo trip and an exciting concert!

Labor Day Weekend
We decided for Labor Day weekend to go up to the Heritage Festival in Heber City and then ride the Heber Valley Railroad over to Swiss Days. None of us have ever ridden the railroad before, so it was an adventure!

This is the mini train ride at the Heritage festival. (As you can see, there weren't m(any) people at the Heritage Festival.) (But then again, that was Friday afternoon, maybe there were more on Saturday.)

Here is Sierra jumping in the bounce house - she's never done that before so she wasn't quite sure what to do. At least she had the bounce house all to herself.

Here we are at the train depot!

Sierra looking cool on the train!

It was a fun ride!

When we got to the other end, we had to board a bus to get to Swiss Days. Sierra wanted to drive the bus. Um...cute, but I don't think so. Yet. hehe

Swiss Days

Where we saw a yodeller - Yoda-lay-he-hooooo!!!
The Zoo
We had a great time at the zoo with my friend, Cherish, and saw many things, including:

Baby Zuri - sooo cute!
the giraffes

and a gaggle of bats in the "Nature's Nightmares" exhibit! (Are they called a gaggle?) hehe To me, they look like a bunch of chihuahuas hanging upside down - look at their faces! LOL

And we rode the train, what fun! (Sierra's face could use a good scrubbing! We had a treat too, as you can tell!)

Here she is at the playground sitting on a giant caterpillar,

a spider, (sorry, for those who don't like to look at such things)

and a crocodile!! Don't get any closer to those giant jaws, baby!

And here she's sitting on the trunk of a giant Elephant that spits water at you and makes funny sounds. It was a great day! Thanks for taking us up, Cherish!

The Concert
My cousin, Porter, was in a band called "Ask For the Future" before he passed away last March. They got together and played a concert in my Aunt and Uncle's backyard for his birthday on September 13th. It was a wonderful concert filled with nice music, friends, family, and a yummy cake and goodies too! Thanks Uncle Mark and Aunt Susette for hosting this concert in your backyard, it was very enjoyable!

Sierra just wandered on over to some stranger's lap and crawled in! (Sorry, I don't know your names, but thank you for entertaining Sierra all evening, she loved it!)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Photo session giveaway!

My beautiful cousin, Kali, is a wonderful photographer and she's having a giveaway, so check out her site and enter!

Friday, August 6, 2010


This thing:

is the cause of this:

She loves to rock on her horse so fast and high, and I watched (in seemingly slow motion, as it always seems when something is about to happen, you know) as the horse went too far forward and she went down and hit her face smack-dab on the tv table. Her lip would not stop bleeding forever and she didn't want me to hold anything on it. She looks miserable, doesn't she? My poor baby! Her first serious OWIE!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summertime Fun!

I can't believe Summer is just about gone! But here are some of the things that we've enjoyed this year!

I was able to go to Cowabunga Bay with my brother, sister-in-law, nephews and niece, it was so much fun! Thanks Cam and Shayna for letting me tag along on your once-a-year adventure!

For Juan's birthday this year, he wanted to go swimming! (Which is weird because he usually doesn't like the public pool.) Sierra is such a little fish! She loves the water so much, she loves kicking her legs and splashing, I call her my little Mermaid!

And he also wanted Indian food for his birthday dinner - he loves Indian food - so we went to the India Palace in Provo with our friends Elaine, Pepe and Margarita. I can now say I've had lamb, it was quite delicious!! I enjoyed our dinner very much! Then, we had a birthday party at Trent's house with our family and a very expensive [Baskin Robbins] ice cream cake, which I'll never indulge in again, except from Walmart or somewhere else that's cheaper. Wow! I didn't know it would cost so dang much! But never again. Nevertheless, it was pretty:

And here's the man himself cutting it! Happy birthday, sweety! I hope it was as wonderful a day for you as it was for me and Sierra!

We also had the privilege of going to my beautiful cousin, Kristie's baby blessing, what a handsome guy, don't you think? We love you, Ryker!

Like I said before, Sierra loves water, she'll just walk into it, whether or not she's in a swimsuit. We had the sprinkler going and she was getting soaked in her clothes so we changed her into her swimsuit and had a ball! I love that face! It was kind of cold and she was trying to laugh at the same time. She's so cute!

Here she is all ready for the park!

She's finally brave enough to go down all by herself, she's getting so big!

Nap time!

Dressed for church, love that smile!

This is Sierra's favorite thing to do during the day; take the cereal from the cupboard and have a snack!

All ready for the Fourth of July!
Provo parade.

Here we are one morning getting Sierra's hair done and I stuck her hair straight up and it stayed. lol Thought it was funny.

I just had to add this picture, here she is looking *cute!* She's all girl!
I hope everyone else has had a fun Summer!