Saturday, October 17, 2009

She speaks!

Sorry, my video is kind of dark - why do they all turn out like that? I do the best I can, really! hehehe. Anyway, at least you can hear it! (I hope!) Here is Sierra's new word! Soooo cute! She picks up sounds so fast! That's all I need to say, watch the video! :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

10 Months!

[Sniff sniff] - my baby is 10 months old now! My, how time flies, I can't believe it! Soon we'll be putting a little cake in front of her to goop in -- I can't wait! :)

So I was taking her picture in the chair. After I got a few, I turned my back for just a second and when I looked at her again, she's like this:

AAACK! She's pulling herself to stand now - she did that all by herself. I snapped a picture just in time because she almost tumbled off the chair! (I did catch her. No bonks.) :) And she does that all the time now - pulls herself to stand, I mean. [More sniff-sniffing] She really is growing up! Sigh!