Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ohh, the agony!

I mean - the agony of waiting these last few days for little baby Silva to come! She is due this coming Thursday (Dec. 4th) so we'll see what happens! I go to the Dr. again on Monday and he said if we go a week over Dec. 4th, they'll induce me. But I'm so hoping that there's some good news on Monday. I'm so anxious to have her out of there! I'll let you know if there's some dilating going on!! It's time for little Princess to move her butt! Someone put a fork in her, she's DONE! (At least I think so.)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tagged! Yay!!


A-Attached or Single: Attached
B-Best Friend: My sweet husband
C-Cake or Pie: Both - does that count?
D-Day of Choice: Saturday
E-Essential Item: My family
F-Favorite Color: dark red
G-Greatest Accomplishment: um...I'm a good shopper!
H-Hometown: Orem, UT
I-Indulgences: Chocolate and lately, baby stuff
J-January or July: January-It's my b-day month.
K-Kids: 1 daughter on the way.
L-Life is incomplete without: Family and friends definitely, the gospel, holiday get-togethers with good foods :)
M-Marriage: Yes, my sweet Juan
N-Number of Siblings: One sister, three brothers
O-Oranges or Apples: Oranges - but I have to be careful in eating them due to allergies. :(
P-Phobias or fears: Fear of heights and spiders.
Q-Quotes: "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." -Willy Wonka
R-Reason to Smile: Baby girl on the way.
S-Season: Spring/Summer
T-Tag Friends: Anyone who wants to, it's fun! (This means YOU!) hehe
U-Unknown facts about me: I sent a graduation card to the white house just for fun and got a response, I have over 400 keychains!
V-Very favorite store(s): I really love thrift stores (treasure hunting)
Worst habit: Stay on the computer too long playing [dumb] games when I should be doing productive things. :)
X-X-ray or Ultra Sound: Two ultrasounds for my sweet baby girl.
Y-Your favorite food: Anything mexican - yum!
Z-Zodiac: Capricorn

Copy and paste and erase my answers and fill in yours. Then tag anybody you love ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nuttin' new yet...

? ? ? ? ?

I went to the dr. again last Monday and I was telling him what the ultrasound tech said about the baby being two weeks smaller than the Dec. 4th date and he said they give a window of 22 days either way, (mentioning a Dec. 17th date this time, grr, she'll stay in there forever, I feel like!) Anyway, he checked me and as of that day, I was dilated to about a one and a half, but no effacing yet. I've been having pelvic pains, which he said was normal, I'm just getting ready to deliver. Anyway, so he said, "We'll see about due date as we go along..." I'm getting soooo anxious to be done and have her out, but I'm trying to not be frustrated. I gotta be patient. As my mom put it, we've just got to leave it in the Lord's hands, He knows when the time is right for her to come. Just trying to be patient....I'm just kinda sad that she won't be here before Sarelle leaves to go back to Georgia the day after Thanksgiving. I was so hoping she'd be able to see the baby. Oh well. :)
My mom says it's paybacks for me being 14 days late myself - hahaha. Guess so. I'll keep ya'all updated.

? ? ? ? ?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Guess-the-weight-and-date contest!

As was suggested by my Aunt, I'm holding a contest. Post your guess for when the baby will be born and the size she'll be. Closest will get...something. I don't know yet. This might be fun! Hint: she is approximately 5.5 lbs. right now. :) Alright guessers - GO!

Friday, November 14, 2008

What?! Move my date back??

So I went to the doctor last Monday and he was looking through my file. At my first ultrasound, the tech had said she was a little smaller than we thought - like maybe we were a week off or something. So when Dr. Holmes was looking through my file, he said maybe we should get another ultrasound to make sure the baby was looking normal in there. He also said it looked like a NEW due date of Dec. 4th. That means my ticker is off! (I just adjusted the baby thing below the ticker, so anytime between the two, I guess.) Anyway, yesterday, I went to the ultrasound and had fun looking at her again in there. I saw her head and face (sorta - after the tech pointed it out.) The tech said she has more fat on her cheeks now, and she was sucking! It was so cute! Her foot is right in front of her face, it looked like she was sucking on it. hehe. She is still kind of small - in fact, the tech said she's like 2 weeks smaller than the Dec. 4th date, Ugh! However, it might just be that she's not growing or something - she's not off the charts, she is still within the boundaries, so it's not like she's abnormally small, just a little smaller than usual. The tech said that the next time I go to the doctor, he'll measure me again and if she's not growing, they may take her early. The tech also said she has short legs. Juan came home and was comparing our legs, lol. We're both not very tall, I think she just takes after her mama - I don't have very long legs. I think she's ready to come, though, she is head-down. Really, in my opinion, I think she could come anytime, we'll have to see. The Lord knows. :) I'll keep you updated, just wanted to let you know the latest. I'm so excited to have her out of there and be finished, but I must be patient. We want her to be healthy, after all.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My preggo pic!

I had to get a picture of me preggo before it's too late, so now's a good time. Here I am. I'm getting excited! Thanks for all your advice on what to pack, I'm in the process! It could be anytime! Love you all!

Halloween at work!

I just wanted to post some pictures of the costumes people dressed in at work, it was fun! Pic 1 Kathy as a puppy doggy, pic 2 (don't remember her name sorry!) as a rodeo clown, pic 3 Alex as a Jedi (loved it! He looked really good!), pic 4 I don't know all their names, army man Matrix man (Brandon) and vampire (Greg), pic 5 me as a bowling ball, Irene as a vampire, Shelly soccer player, Alena pirate, [can't remember her name either, I'm bad!] as a renaissance vampire I think, Jessica as Maleficent, and Norma as a pirate. Love dressing up! Fun stuff!