Monday, February 28, 2011

100th Post!!

Wow, this is my 100th post!! So I thought I'd do a post containing all sorts of interesting things about ME! (Maybe not 100 things but I'll try!)

-I collect keychains, I have over 500!

-I sent a high school graduation announcement to the President of the United States (Clinton) and received a reply! (Okay, it was probably generic, but it was still a reply!) :)

-I've been to Utah, Idaho, Nevada, California, New Mexico, Wyoming, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina...oh, I guess that's it.

-I have an amazing, beautiful little daughter who's just a tad bit naughty at times! :)

-I'd love to travel the world extensively someday.

-My husband and I went to California/Disneyland/Universal Studios for our honeymoon.

-We were actually "mooned" on our honeymoon. (Nice huh?) lol

-I've been on Wicked at Lagoon. (**Doesn't sound unusual, but to me, it's a big feat!) :)

-Once, during "missionary week" in Jr. High, I got sent to Peru. Since then, I've wanted to go there.

-I married a wonderful man from Peru! (Now I get to go there someday, hopefully!) (Funny how things work out, isn't it?)

-I went to a concert of two of the Beach Boys.

-I lived through Jurassic Park Roller Coaster (**See above.)

-I've never had a broken bone (knock on wood) but I've hyperextended a knee twice. (double-ow!)

-I got to visit some "haunted" places in Georgia.

-I would love to visit the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA someday.

-I love reading anything and everything! I love a good love story!

-I love almost all kinds of music!

-I'm a total outdoors lover!

-I'm a total animal lover!

-I write poetry, children's stories, novels, etc. (Nothing published yet, but it's a goal.)

-I've hiked up to Delicate Arch at Arches Nat'l Park (**See above.)

I guess that's it, my life is otherwise boring. :) Anyway.....


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Little Sierra

My little Sierra is so dang cute, I can't get enough pictures of her sometimes - why do us parents need about a million pictures of our kids? Cause they do such cute and funny stuff, we want to capture every moment!

She was laughing her head off in the bath one night because she was just splashing as hard as she could and water was going everywhere! She was having a ball! I was soaked, she loved that.

And I just loved this picture!
Mr. Rios made her a tissue paper hat...
...And a biker rag! My daughter, the rebel! lol
Looks like she's going to be a dancer! I love this picture!

Sierra does this funny face sometimes, it cracks me up! We were sitting in the car waiting for daddy to finish what he was doing. I looked back at her and she was doing her funny face. lol

Sierra has a whole basket full of these clips. One night we were watching tv and she kept putting her hand up to give me one clip after another to put in her hair. Right after I'd clip one in, her hand would shoot up with another one. Silly girl. So, I kept putting them in...

Her hair was full of them - in a way, it was cute! And it matches those jammies she's wearing. haha

I love this girl!!! (This is another one of her funny faces, she copied it from a smile I give her sometimes.) hehe