Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Caught on camera!

Well, here's another [dark] video! Why do they always turn out like that?! (I said that last time!) At least you can hear it! I was making faces at Sierra and she was laughing, so I said, "Will you do that on camera?" (She usually stops whatever she's doing when she knows the camera is faced at her.) But she continued laughing and it was so cute! I'm glad I got it on film, even though it's dark. (GRRR!) Enjoy!

Halloween '09

Halloween was fun this year, since it was Sierra's first and I have always wanted kids to do all the festivities. We borrowed a unicorn costume from my cousin (Thanks Sarah!!) and that's what Sierra was this year, it was cute!! She didn't always like the hood on, though. Here we are in all our regalia at our ward's costume party. I took Sierra around the various activities. They had a fish pond and a fun house, I think she liked them!

Then we were able to go to a Halloween party at my brother's house, which was also a lot of fun. I wore a different costume to this party. Here's Granny and the Unicorn. (Sounds like a book, huh?)

Dave brought along the gummy hand - looks yummy, don't it?

I hope he ate the whole thing! JK (It was kind of gross, actually. I took a little piece. It went in the garbage because it tasted like gym socks....ewww!)

And I captured this cute shot of Sierra in daddy's costume. My cute little cowgirl.)

Anyway, all-in-all, it was a great Halloween. I LOVE Halloween, dressing up and decorating is my fave!! I hope everyone else had a great one!