Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fun! Fun! Fun! at the State Fair!

We were able to go to the State Fair on Saturday the 19th and had a lot of fun!

We saw a lot of animals - this one isn't a very good picture, but it's me and Sierra by a baby calf that was so darn cute! I love cows!

And this was a HUGE cow, over 3000 lbs. It was kinda scary standing next to it! I thought it would move over and bump us. But he was very friendly. Look at those horns!! I wouldn't want to be chased by that. I love this picture.

We went to see the bunnies and chickens and they had one fluffy bunny right out on the table and it was soooo soft! I loved petting its fur. (Don't know if it was a boy or girl, so it stays an "it") It was such a cute bunny! And it was for sale! Too bad, Juan's not an animal lover like me. We did not end up bringing it home. hehe

I tried to get some good pictures of Sierra petting it, she was funny! She grabbed its fur and its ears, poor thing. lol

Then, me and Sierra did "Little Hands on the Farm" and she got a stamp on her hand, as well as an apron and a basket.

We did many chores on the farm, including, picking up corn and feeding and milking the fake cow, picked a fake fruit off a fake tree, took an egg from the fake chicken's nest, and she earned herself one fake dollar, with which she could buy one REAL item with her fake dollar.

(You can kind of see the fake green dollar in Sierra's hand if you look closely.) Sierra was such a sweetie, she bought a granola bar for me and daddy to share. Yum! It was a fun hands-on experience! I think next year, she'll have even more fun when she understands more.

Finally, at the end of the day, Juan let me go on the Super Fun Big Slide. I made Juan take pictures. I'm on the second bump in the white shirt, look closely.

It was very fun!! Next year, I'll be able to take Sierra with me! (and maybe convince Juan to go too. I don't know, I'm just a big kid I guess, I like stuff like that.)

We had so much fun that Sierra zonked right out, as usual.

All in all, it was a fun fun day!! Here's a short video of one of the fun kids' rides.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Long post...

Well, it seems like FOREVER since I have had the internet. We moved into our new place in West Jordan and hadn't gotten an internet plan until just a few days ago, I felt so disconnected to the world!! But here we are again, so I am updating my blog. It's going to be a long one since we've done so much since the last time I posted a blog!

My baby girl is 9 months old today!! I can't believe how fast time flies! It just seems like yesterday when I welcomed her to the world! She gets sweeter and sweeter everyday! She says "BA BA BA" and "DA DA DA" now. She also likes to suck her thumb and finger and say "Goy goy goy," it's so cute and funny! She's learning new sounds every day. Also, one time when I was changing her diaper, she started moving away and I was like, "Hey! Get get get get!!" (Like get back here) and she said it! Sometimes she'll say "get get get" now. It's so cute! It's fun to see her personality come out.

She can sit by herself and she is quite the scooter! She's so fast! One minute she's on the floor here and the next minute, I look down and she's gone - across the room and doing something else, she's so smart! And she's finally got a tooth coming in. I tried to get a good picture, but this is the best I could do. She hates it when I probe around in there trying to get a good shot.

I was watching Fox 13 one night and it said, "Text 'Blimpie' to blah-blah-blah number and you could be our next winner!" So I just casually took my phone and texted the word. That was on a Saturday. The very next Monday I got a call from Fox 13 and they said, "YOU WON a 3-foot party blast sub!" Woohoo! Immediately, I thought, 'I smell a picnic coming on!"

The sandwich was huge! It came in this box:

So I invited my brothers and their families over for a picnic in the park, it was so fun! The kids had a lot of fun playing at the West Jordan City Park (Veteran's Memorial Park) that me and Juan discovered a few weeks ago. It's a nice park! We take Sierra there to swing in the baby swings all the time now, she loves to swing!

Here's Dave having fun with the kids!

The kids love taking Sierra down the slides, and I think she likes it too! She loves her cousins!

More fun in the park - here's Trent and his son, Blake, on the swing! It was a good picnic in the park!

Here's Sierra with her new cousin, Melaiya (Trent's daughter) interacting, sooo cute!

Playing on the train at Trent's house.

Dave and Amy (my brother and sister-in-law) were asked by Amy's sister to go and housesit for a night, so they invited us to come and watch movies, play games, whatever. It was so fun! Here's Sierra relaxing in the HUGE love-sac. I think she liked it!

And me and Juan got on a good game with the air-hockey table - that was so much fun - I kicked his butt! We need an air-hockey table!!

Sarelle and her family were able to come to Utah from Georgia in August, so her kids got to meet the newest cousins, Sierra and Melaiya. Here are all the nephews and nieces (minus Melaiya, she wasn't there at the time.) So cute together!! I hope we can all get together again soon!
L - R : Blake (Trent's son) Trey (Sarelle's son) Courtney (Cameron's daughter) holding Sierra, then there's Derek (Cameron's son) Xavier and Chase (Sarelle's sons). I love all my nephews and nieces!

Sierra just cuddled right up to Trey, so cute!

And I think she loved Xavier too!

We were able to go with Sarelle and everyone up to Park City and ride the Alpine slide - I LOVE that! Then, we went to a park for lunch and to let the kids play, they had a blast! Here's Sierra swinging for the very first time, I think she enjoyed it.

We went with my friend, Sally and her family to the zoo, it was Juan and Sierra's first time at the Hogle zoo, it was a lot of fun!

So much so that Sierra zonked right out!
And last but not LEAST in my long post is something I thought I'd NEVER DO! I rode WICKED at Lagoon with Courtney, Derek, and Cameron! Wow! What a rush! It was a lot of fun to go to Lagoon with Cameron and his family.
And YES, I lived through it! I survived Wicked! hehehehe
That's all for now!