Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two Months Left!

Wow, I only have two months left and I'm getting a little nervous. I keep thinking, "I know you're still growing and getting bigger, and I know that you'll have to come out of there eventually." Scary! I am, however, looking forward to having the baby out to cuddle and kiss and hug...that'll be the fun part. I'm not so sure of the "birthing" part. But I know the Lord will be with me and help me through it.
There's a lot of movement in there lately. She likes to turn her whole self around and I'll be at work when she does it, so I put my hand on my tummy and think, "What are you doing in there?!" Silly baby. But all is going well. We've got some more stuff for the baby - I found a nice changing table at DI, as well as some cute clothes. And when onesies that look brand new are only a buck, you can't pass that up! So we're getting ready, slowly but surely. And look at this cute find!! (DI, of course.) (Also a buck!)

They were so tiny and clean and new-looking, aren't they darling? I had to have them. Okay, now I have to post another picture, these were too cute as well! (And my sister says 'don't get carried away...)
Baby's first rugged boots! Love 'em! She'll have to grow into those, they were a bit bigger, but who could pass those up?! Fun, fun stuff!! Why are kids clothes so dang cute?


susette said...

hey I agree with you whole-heartedly. When you can get bargains like that you just gotta go for it.

Val said...

Congratulations! The time will go by quickly and before you know it, you will have her in your arms. I LOVE buying baby clothes. I totally hate buying clothes for myself but I could shop all day for my girls. Have you chosen a name yet? I'll be excited to hear.

Edna said...

It is exciting to share your pregnancy with you through your blog. I love the cute little shoes!

Tammie said...

I can't believe you are alomost there! Being a mom is such a blessing, you will just love it!! If you are having a baby shower, I would love to come! Let me know when and where:)