Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pillow babysitters?!

This is what happens when mom has to do something and the baby needs to be fed at the same time. (And you know how babies are - they won't wait!) The pillows did a good job propping up the bottle and feeding the baby for me. Hehehehe (Don't worry, she wasn't unsupervised.) I thought it looked funny so I had to get a picture. Next time you need a sitter, consider a pillow or two! Just kidding!


Lildonbro said...

That is a cute picture! Who knew pillows could help you out so much?

Henke Family said...

Hi Staci!
This is Boston, Heber's wife.
Glad to hear everything is good with the new little one! She is a cutie!

sjones said...

A pillow is a good babysitter, i know I've called it last minute sometimes and it always says YES! ;)

Lildonbro said...

And unblog entry related...Happy Birthday!!!!

Trish said...

It was a lifesaver with twins! ; )