Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Latest goings-on...

Look at my poor neglected blog:

I know you've all been waiting for an update:

so here it is! Sierra is six (6) months old now! And just look at her, sitting in her little chair all by herself! (Well, almost. She did pretty good but I had to snap the picture and get her off. She's still a little wobbly.)

Grandma Fisher has moved clear out to Georgia:

Sierra is learning a lot of things, like how to eat her fist...

...and her toe!

We love to take walkies in the sunshine, and are well prepared.

Sierra's hair on the top is long and I decided to try something with it. I found these awesome curlers at the dollar store, they're self-sticking - just roll 'em in when the hair is wet, let it dry, and take 'em out. She was so good and patient while I experimented.
And here was the result. I hope you can see that, it's kind of dark. I thought it turned out really cute! All curly on top! She's such a princess!
And last, we took Sierra to her first carnival:

It was so fun! Eagle Mountain had their Pony Express Days last week, I love going to those things! It was very fun! I can't wait til she's old enough to go on the little rides, that will be fun! It was nice just walking around and being at the carnival. And you can't have a carnival without cotton candy, right? I got some and I guess Juan has never seen it before. He was like, "What's that?" and he tested some. Immediately, he made a face and said, "It's ugly!" (which means, it's 'gross'." So next time, the cotton candy can stay with me! He can get popcorn! hehehe.
All-in-all, it's been a fun couple of weeks! I can't believe my baby is already half a year old! Wow, time does go by, doesn't it? Signing off for now!


leslie said...

adorable! So glad you are back on the blog! Hope you know I was just kidding with the last comment.

Trish said...

She is sooo cute!
I was just looking through some of our older pics of the kids and I can’t believe how much they have grown! It seems so long ago but then it doesn’t…. time’s funny like that huh?

sjones said...

She has gotten so grown up! what aa heart breaker shes going to be!