Friday, January 29, 2010

So much to catch up on!!

Well, once again, it's been a while since I caught up on the blog, so here goes! I've got Christmas and a few other random things to catch up on.
It was truly a wonderful Christmas! I have a wonderful family, and this year I was all excited for Sierra to experience "Santa!" It'll probably be even better this year when she's 2.
Sierra likes to sit in her high chair while we (or I) do a project together. I really wanted to do a gingerbread house since I haven't made one for years, so we did! As soon as I started, I thought, "Oh no, I need the really sticky icing! This regular stuff won't work." And indeed, it wasn't. So I just put down my knife and made it work by finger painting. Boy was that fun! :) I just plastered the house together and then decorated, it turned out not too bad!

And then Christmas Eve, as soon as I put Sierra to bed, I got busy! Put the stuff out and made signs, it was so much fun! I've looked so forward to doing stuff like this for my kids forever!

Here she is Christmas morning, we put her down on the floor and she crawled right over to the stuff to look at it and touch it, it was so cute! Santa brought her a toy that she can walk with and ride on, she hasn't touched it much up until recently when she's finally started walking with it. (She's not walking by herself yet.) She did love to push it around, however, on her knees. Funny girl! And we discovered that as you push it, the head bobs up and down and will scoop things into the basket part under the seat. So you can clean up toys that way, neat!

She also got a toy telephone and some megablocks, which she loves.
Here she is pushing her little hippo. hehe
And now for the randomness. Sierra will go up to our stereo and turn it on, especially if there's a CD in it, she will turn it on so she can dance! And she knows how to change tracks too! How come these kids are so dang smart?!

I love her hair, it's getting long, I took a picture of her in the bath the other day to show how long it's getting, I love it!

And I've been able to start doing such cute little things, such as this, with it!
I've always wanted a girl so I could do cutesy things with her hair and dress her up, as shown in the next picture.
Here's Sierra in her Sunday best, I love this dress, I think it's so dang cute! And though you can't see it well, I put her hair into a cute little ponytail on top of her head and to the side a bit and it just puffed out so dang cute! I love it! Like a little palm tree, hehehe

Now she's almost 14 months old!! I love you, my sweet bugga-boo!!

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Ross Horsley said...

You can really see the fun that went into making those gingerbread houses! Your Christmas looks like it was lovely... I enjoyed reading about it :-)