Friday, September 2, 2011

Vegetarian Porkchops?

How do you go from this:

to this:

Well, I'll just show you the process! This is Juan's way of making vegetarian meat! It's something he learned in Peru! So you take a 5 lb. bag of flour, as shown above and pour it all into a big mixing bowl, add a bit of water and knead, knead, knead:

Then, you stick it in the sink and fill it up with more water and swish it around a bit, give the dough a little bath: :D

Then you simply let the dough sit in all that wet goodness and soak for about an hour. Finally, you drain the liquid and wring out the dough. Yes, I said wring it out. Like a dish cloth. When it's mostly dry, you mix in some soy sauce, however much you like for flavor, add some crushed garlic from a fresh clove, let all that mixture marinate for a while. Then, you cut the dough up into patty-shapes, store in a bowl in the fridge with plastic over it until you're ready to use. Then, you just fry it up on a pan on the stove, like sausage patties, and voila:
meatless meat!

Looks divine, doesn't it? Juan is simply in Heaven when he eats it. I, however, do not share his enthusiasm. Sorry Juan. You can whip up a batch for yourself and throw it on the grill for your next family barbecue! Please leave me a comment on how YOU enjoyed it! Thanks for watching JuanRecipe TV :)

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leslie said...

Wheat meat! I like it! I haven't made my own yet but I've had "chicken" made straight from gluten that was pretty good! Come on Stacy, be adventurous! He he