Thursday, December 29, 2011


It was truly a wonderful Christmas, full of that awesome Christmas magic. Sierra's at a good age to really get into things now. Something funny, when we put the cookies and milk out for Santa, I went to get something else and I looked over, Sierra's sitting there gnawing on Santa's cookies lol. She really cracks me up!
I had her Santa stuff all ready and then when we went to see Santa Claus and he asked her what she wanted, she came up with "a new doll" on her own. So I had to come up with something...(well I didn't HAVE to but we want to make our children happy, right?) So I have had a pretty doll in storage for a while and decided Santa could deliver that too. :) And it turned out on Christmas morning, it wouldn't really have mattered because when she came in holding another of her dolls, she saw her kitchen, dropped her other doll and went straight for that. lol I kept saying, "Look what else Santa brought!" but she hardly took a second glance at her new doll for a few minutes, silly girl. Anyway, I hope that everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as we did! And may your new year be even better than the last!


Alison said...

So cute!

Sami Carter said...

so cute! Looks like she loves her doll and play kitchen! Hope you guys had a wonderful christmas!

leslie said...

It's so fun buying for girls! You have to force yourself to stop shopping! Merry Christmas!