Sunday, June 22, 2008

S'mores night!!

We had such a fun s'mores night at Cam and Shayna's house last night, I wanted to post some pictures of it. Blake had a ball trying his hand at roasting marshmallows, then eating them afterwards. Yum! There's a picture of Juan eating his very first s'more! Looks like he enjoyed it! All the kids had a great time playing on the tramp too. It's so funny to watch Blake play on the tramp, he's so cute. We have such cute little kids in our family! Can't wait to add my own to the mix!


You can just read his face - "mmmm, heavenly!" hehe


susette said...

Oh, I wanted to come so bad. We had a reception to go to that we couldn't miss and a couple other things to get done before the upcoming wedding. Hope you do it again soon!!!

Jenn said...

Ok that's it I want to do smores at Shana's too