Friday, June 27, 2008


I got this fun thing in my email and I thought I would post it here! If you've ever played this game for real, it's so fun! I love it! You have to shake a die and the letter it ends up on, you have to go down the list and name things on that list with that letter, and if you can come up with a double word with the same letter, you get more points. For example - say the letter you shook was M. One item on your list is "cartoon character". If you put Mickey Mouse, you get two points! Anyway, that's the gist of it. (Is that how you spell gist?) hehe. I'm posting my answers, as well as some of the other answers that I've gotten back, it's fun! And if you want to do it too, go right ahead! On to the good stuff!

Use the 1st letter of your first name to answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names, things...nothing made up! Use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You cannot use your own name for 6 or 7. Dave's answers follow mine, then my mom's, and my friend Lisa's is last.
1. What is your name: Stacey David Jenny Lisa
2. 4 letter word: SICK! Dang Jute Love

3. Vehicle: Scooter Datsun Jetta Limo
4. TV Show: Simpsons Dallas Jeopardy Lost
5. City: San Diego Detroit Juarez Las Vegas
6. Boy Name: Shane Derek Jeremiah Lars
7. Girl Name: Sarelle Darcy Jane Louisa
8. Occupation: singer Drug Dealer (2 points!) Jockey Lasik eye proffessional
9. Something you wear: Shoes Drop-shaped earrings Jewelry Lace
10. Celebrity: Sarah Michelle Geller Dan Ackroyd Juice Newton Lindsey Lohan (2 points!)
11. Food: strawberry shortcake Devil's food cake Jam Lasagna
12. Something in a bathroom: shower Drain Jar Linen
13. Reason for being late: Stuck in traffic Drunk the night before Job hunting Lost
14. Cartoon Character: Snoopy Donald Duck (2 points!) Jack Sprat Linus (from snoopy)
15. Place to shop: Subway Sandwich (2 points!!) Dillweeds, I mean Dillard's Jafra party (Lisa couldn't think of one)
16. Animal: Seagull Dolphin Jaguar Llama
17. Something you find at the beach: sea shells (2 points!) Dead whales (eww) Jellyfish (Lisa didn't do this one because I thought you were supposed to add one in the email and send it on, so I added this one after she sent it to me.) (No one else added)

Lots of good answers, it's really a fun game! Everyone should go out and play it sometime - works well with big group parties!
PS - only 13 days left til i find out what the baby is! Yay!


Jenn said...

I saw your comment on Shana's blog about bunco and yes that is Val. If you go to my blog you can find a link to her's under bunco Val

Val said...

Hey, Congratulations on your baby! I bet you are thrilled to find out what you're having. The day I found out Rylie was a girl I went out and bought every pink outfit I could find. So much fun! I'm glad you recognized me from the picture. What have you been up to since the days at Mountain View?

susette said...

hi stacey, we got the invite and will plan to attend, yes I can bring salad and dressing. We are a bit relieved to have June 28th completed!!

Sami said...

Cute blog! I'm excited to find out what you are having! Hope you are feeling well! Our family blog is Take care! Sami