Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Did I see that right??

I was just looking at everyone's blogs and realized my baby counter says "30 days!" Holy cow! It's really getting close! I'm excited. So the latest on my pregnancy is, I've been a little crampy lately and baby's feeties are in my ribs! It's fun though. I'm getting anxious to have her out of there so I can hold her, dress her up, give her luvs, etc. I think we're about ready, there's just a few more things that we need, but we're just waiting for her big debut. I bet my niece, Courtney, is dying to have her out of there too, she's been waiting so long for a girl cousin.
Just waiting for you, my sweetie!


Kim N said...

Wow! I didn't realize you were that close. I bet you are getting very anxious (and tired from getting up many times during the night?!).

The Silvas said...

Heck ya! Sick of getting up 50 million times to wee-wee! Sheesh! Gettin' there, I'm excited!