Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What should I pack - HELP!

So I was just reading my cousin Sami's blog and she was talking about packing a bag for the hospital. I realized that I need to do that too!! But since this is my first time with this stuff, I don't know anything, what all do I need? They don't keep you in the hospital very long anymore, do they? So I don't need to pack a whole lot of stuff, right? You see where I'm going with this?! Please comment with your best advice, I'd love to hear it! Thanks in advance!


Kim N said...

I always pack too much so I am probably not the best one to answer, but I will anyway. Take some soft socks and maybe some slippers, of course extra undergarments and a nursing bra and all that fun stuff. A robe is nice to have for trips to the bathroom so your backside doesn't stick out the hospital gown. Makeup and hair products are great to make you feel like a new woman after your first post delivery shower. (also good for all the pictures that will be taken) I took a Nintendo DS to kill time, but a book or magazines or dvd's would be good too. A take home outfit for baby, some newborn diapers, burp cloth, a binky if you are going to use one, a couple of receiving blankets....

Don't take your pre-pregnancy clothes! It is just discouraging. Take smaller maternity clothes or really baggy non maternity clothes to go home in.

Oh, and I like to take my own pillow, but if you do make sure you put a bright pillowcase on it so it doesn't get confused with the hospital pillows.

Kari said...

I pack:
Prego clothes to go home in.
Nursing bra and pads
Boobie cream
Sock and slippers (I don't bring a robe because I don't like getting "junk" on it. I wear a hospital gown backwards.)
Take home outfit for baby
My toiletries
A personal smallish blanket (I hate the hospital ones)
Maybe a pillow.
That's it. At least for now. I don't even bring any entertainment. I never use it.

Edna said...

Wow, only 26 days to go! Awesome! Sounds like you've had all the advice you need on packing. Email me your home address, will you please?

Anonymous said...

I also pack way too much stuff! But I have c-sections so I am there at least 3 if not 4 days.

Definitely bring some warm socks
All your toiletries you would take with you on a trip. I usually wear my hair in a ponytail so I don't worry about things like blow dryers and curling irons

Most comfortable pregnancy clothes

I try to just be comfortable!

Oh and don't forget your tooth brush!