Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I'm up late tonight - can't get the baby to go to sleep - so I thought I'd post a random message of this and that, whatever comes to mind for a while, maybe some jokes and other stuff. Speaking of jokes, you know the SWIFT Trucks you see on the freeways? Have you ever pondered what SWIFT means? Sure Wish I'd Finished Training! Hahahaha!

My little sweety-pie is 2 months old now!! Can you believe it? She's smiling a lot more these days and I love it! Here she is in her little red puppy outfit, sooo cute! And I attempted to curl her hair but you can't really tell. :)
Okay, here's another joke:
Church is in session and the congregation is listening to the sermon when suddenly, the big doors in the back swing open and in flies the devil. The whole congregation screams and runs out of the church, but the devil notices one old man still sitting on his bench calmly. The devil says, "Aren't you scared of me?" The old man replies, "No, I've been married to your sister for 38 years!"
Well, I guess that's all the silliness I have in me for tonight. I must be going to bed, I think the baby is asleep. Yay! Now it's my turn!


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