Friday, March 27, 2009

r A n D o M f U n N i E s

My first random funny is that I heard on the news this morning that a woman robbed a Baskin Robbins in Holladay last night and they're still searching for her. That just sounds funny. Seriously, how much can you get out of a Baskin Robbins? Of all the places to rob:

Secondly, remember that episode of Seinfeld where they discontinue a certain brand of contraceptive, the Sponge, and she goes and buys a whole case of the things? Then she says things like, "Are you 'sponge worthy'?" You gotta love Elaine! She's awesome!

With that in mind, the Hostess company has discontinued their 'lemon' flavored pie, so my mom is searching for them and can't find them anywhere anymore. So whenever Dave or Candace or others find some, they buy them for her. Today, I found six at a Maverik and thought it would be funny if I wrapped them up and gave them to her for her birthday, which is on Sunday. She is stowing them in the freezer - it's her favorite way to eat them; frozen. But it just reminded me of that Seinfeld episode. She's stocking up a bunch of Hostess lemon pies and I can just hear her thinking: "Is this a Hostess-lemon-pie-worthy moment?"

Well, I hope you've all enjoyed this blog post, it gave me a laugh, hope it gave you a good laugh too!


David said...

The pie's aren't all that Mom love's that were discontinued. Orbit discontinued LemonLime gum and she stocked up on that too! I still find it and buy it for her, but if you want to stop Hostess, then call them up and say I'm going to purchase Little Debbie from now on or just let them have it!!

Trish said...

Oh. My. Gosh!!! You have me LOL!!! Thanks for the funnies.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dave, you did it again. And you're right. It makes me mad too. They have to discontinue everything I love. And Stacey, you are very right. I'm like Elaine Bennis in that I do look at those lemon pies in the freezer and ask myself, "Is it the right time to eat one of those? Is it a good day, or am I going to be interrupted by someone walking in on me and WANTING one of my pies?" I have been known to share them though. That's because it seems that Hostess is stocking their displays ever since I wrote them that LETTER. Not a nasty letter mind you, but I just inquired as to what the problem was. And my children are finding them everywhere now, so I'm not so frantic anymore. But thanks for the thougtfulness everyone. Love, Me, the Moth--er

Lildonbro said...

That is awesome! (about both).
My brother loves the mini cadbury eggs, so last year after Easter we went and bought TONS of bags on sale and then took them out with us to UT. We had three or four plastic grocery bags full of them. He was really excited to say the least! If I happen to see a lemon pie I'll have to buy it and send it your way!