Saturday, April 4, 2009

This 'N That!

We had a birthday party for my mom this last Sunday, the 29th of March. It was lots of fun. While they were at church, I finished baking her cake and I decorated, much to her surprise.

And of course, I made her pose for pictures, everyone needs pictures for their birthday!

And below is the picture I got of her face when she saw the pies I'd wrapped up for her, she has like 10 in the freezer now!! (If you're just tuning in, see previous post titled "Random funnies" for the story about the pies!) It was fun! We also gave her some beautiful pictures of some temples. Happy birthday mom!

My baby is 4 months old now!!! I can't believe how fast time goes by! It's been so fun and challenging, but I love it! She gets stronger everyday! Love you, baby!

Finally, at this one place I used to work, I had found this metal thingy in the trash so I took it home, intending to do something funny with it. So I glued on some googly eyes.
Now, is this the look of someone who has just witnessed a crime? Was caught with his hand in the cookie jar?? You tell me what you think this guy is up to and you could win a prize! That's right, I said a PRIZE! Leave me a comment with your funny thoughts and I'll choose the best one and send the winner something! (Don't know what yet, but everyone likes a prize, right?) So start thinking and leave a comment! I'll choose a winner soon!


sjones said...

Your girl is so cute and she sure has grown big! They never stay that newborn for long:(
That is funny about the pies!

David said...

Maybe he just found out his wife is a spatula!

leslie said...

His wife just got him looking at a "Home Depot" magazine!

Anonymous said...

I liked David's response the best. Could I ever come up with one like that? NO! I was just thinking he's singing in the choir. A little over-kill maybe, but he's singing. Jenny Your Moth--er

Launi said...

He reminds me of a toy my brother had as a kid a million years ago called Mr. Machine. Check it out---

Your baby is adorable!