Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

You wait nine months, eating everything in sight only to throw it up every morning. You watch your tummy expand and get bigger and bigger, yet you still have to go about your daily chores of sweeping, mopping and cleaning all while carrying this extra weight around. The mood swings are enough to drive away a hornet. You get kicked and pushed in the ribs until you think they're going to break, and wherever you go all kinds of people have to touch your tummy and say things like, "Well, she's ready to pop," when they think you're not listening.
Then you have to drag yourself out of a warm bed sometime during the night and rush to the hospital where you get shot in the back, poked, prodded and coached to "breathe," etc. But then this tiny, round, red-faced screaming baby gets placed in your arms and you think it's going to be all worth it.'s sleepless nights and sleepless days, waking up every couple of hours to feed this bottomless pit. Your eyes are bloodshot, your whole body is exhausted and in pain.
As time goes on, there are tantrums and food throwing, peanut butter smeared on faces, hands and in hair, grubby little fingers that want to touch everything and pull everything off of shelves, wet and poopy bottoms to wipe, toys to pick up time after time after time, trading in gourmet meals for spaghetti-o's and mac and cheese, crumbs to vacuum three times a day. There's the whining, the crying, the hair-pulling...I could go on. So what have I gotten myself into? Motherhood, and I wouldn't change a thing! Cherish every moment, for they all go by so fast!

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful mothers out there! God bless you! And if you'd like to join the "All About Parenting Blog Carnival" just click that link!


leslie said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too! You are a wonderful mother!

Susan Adcox said...

Oh, boy. Do I remember those days. The laundry that never got finished. The unbelievable luxury of a shower--not a long bubble bath, just a quick shower and shampoo. The sinking feeling when you finally fell into bed just to hear the baby wake up. Of course it's all worth it, because if you're never a mother, you don't get to be a grandmother! Happy Mother's Day!