Thursday, May 20, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words. . .

. . .or laughs! I need to catch up on my blog but I haven't uploaded my camera pictures yet, so I decided to entertain y'all with some random funny things I've seen in ads, on the internet, and even one from a book of Sierra's. Funny stuff! Enjoy!

Vicious birds!

...Not to mention injury or death!

They really need to buy another supply of letters, I think they're almost out!

The key word is Fast.

Poor'd think they'd be worth a little more than that! (I snapped this picture in Orem, by the way.)


...Now run like the dickens!!

I just thought this was a funny ad that came in my mail

Do you see anything strange? (Besides the guy with the shifty eyes.) It's either a really skinny dog or....maybe it's Ling-Ling's missing head!

Ummm....sick!! Does not sound appetizing at all!

"Those brown ones are NOT jelly beans!" hahaha

It's funny what you can make with a piece of hardware! I found this piece of metal at a former workplace and brought it home to see what I could make of it. Looks like another guy with shifty eyes!

If you know who Mr. Bean is (and his little stuffed bear) they now make an action figure! Let's play 'Mr. Bean's Adventures!!"

This I found on this funny, funny blog, where the guy takes pictures he finds in Children's books and makes up a definition for it. I just thought this was a funny entry. :)


Must be on a special sale! Of all the things in their store they could advertise...they chose the chicken poop?!

Make up your mind!!

In this case, it's good to be a man?

Looks like a good schedule to me!


Henke Family said...

those are funny! The chicken poop sign made me giggle the most. oh, and the horse disguised as a man.:)

leslie said...

He he he, WHERE do you come up with these?

Sadako said...

Missing dog head made me giggle so much. :D I really needed that!