Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall is here!

Ah yes, Fall is here. The time when leaves change into brilliant colors and drop to the ground for kids to gather up and jump in. The air gets cooler. And HALLOWEEN is near!! Yay!
I got this ad yesterday in the mail and something funny caught my eye, can you tell what it is? Look it over carefully, then I'll zoom in.

Can't tell what's funny? Here's a closer look:

That just struck me as funny, I don't know why. No wonder the kid has a frown on his face. LOL
Why is it that kids just won't cooperate when you need them to? I'm talking specifically about MY kid! I had her all dressed up and ready for pictures of her Halloween costume but she's such a strong-willed stinker/child and she wouldn't cooperate in the least! Finally, I let her flop to the floor, arranged everything and snapped a picture! So, here she is....Dora the Explorer. Except for the tears, everything was perfect. Even the map - I made it.
We are all ready for Halloween, hooray! My favorite time of year!


Kim N said...

Ha! That is hilarious! I can't believe nobody noticed that before they sent it out.

Sierra looks darling!

David said...

Well, at least he has a mask on so no one call make fun of him. Poor long legged girly-man!!