Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Halloween was fun this year, we dressed Sierra up as Dora the Explorer:

And Juan was a Redneck Mullet Man, my costume ended up being "Oops, I celebrated the wrong holiday." lol I had an Easter t-shirt on that says "Happy Freakin' Easter", some Easter earrings, pin, and lovely ears. haha

Here's the T-o-T'ers - Melaiya, Sierra, Blake

After Sierra got into it, she LOVED knocking on doors!

The funny faces of Sierra
I do this funny face at Sierra sometimes and she copies it now, lol:

She's so nice to her baby...hahaha

Aww, there's a nice hug!
Love my girl!


Henke Family said...

Love your costume! so clever!
Sierra looks just like Dora!

Anonymous said...

Cute! she's getting at that stage where she mirrors mommy. Fun, isn't it?