Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer's almost over...

Isn't that sad?!
Well, I think so anyway! I love Summer and it's coming to an end! But I suppose with the end of one season, another one comes along, and who knows what surprises are in store. I'm just one of those people that don't like things to change. (Much.) I know, change is necessary. I always get a little sad when Summer is over. Summer is my favorite time of year, I love it, even though it's hot and miserable some days. I could live with Summer weather all year long. Where my husband is from (Trujillo Peru) he says it is 70's and 80's all year 'round. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! I told him we need to move there. His family lives by the BEACH!! I'm not sure how close, but living anywhere close to a beach, mm-hmm! I love beaches!
I hope everyone has had a good Summer! It hasn't been too bad. And even though it's about over, I am looking forward to having my baby girl in November, it's getting closer! She moves mostly at night, the silly thing. The other night, I felt more than just one move, it was like a series of moves all at once, like waves or bumps, and I thought, "What are you doing in there?!" hehe. Silly baby. I can't wait to welcome her into our family and see what she'll look like! Have a great day everyone!
Oh, one more thing - I was looking for my crying faces at the top of this post and I came across this FUNNY website, I had to share it, I laughed. Read the description of the item, it's funny. Enjoy!

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Kim N said...

There is no feeling like feeling a baby move while you are pregnant. It is amazing. My baby's were all the most active at night too...just after I would lay down to go to sleep. My doctor told me the movements during the day rocks them and soothes them to sleep so when it stops they don't sleep as much.