Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is for you, Nastia Liukin!

Chinese gymnasts win another gold
BEIJING - "China's He Kexin won a tiebreaker over all-around champion Nastia Liukin of the United States for the uneven bars gold medal Monday at the Beijing Olympics."

Did you watch the olympics on Monday night? They were having the women's gymnastics on the uneven bars, and I've loved to watch Nastia perform, she's good! But there was a tie breaker between her and a little Chinese girl, He Kexin, I thought they were both good, but everyone thought that Nastia's routine was just a bit more smooth. I don't know, I'm not a judge, but poor Nastia ended up getting a silver medal over that tiebreaker and I felt so bad for her, you could see the disappointment in her face the rest of the night. In my opinion, they both should have gotten the gold for having a tied score. In the past, they've given double medals for ties, but the rules have changed.

So, here's a gold medal for you, Nastia! I still think you're great!

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Sami said...

I know talk about getting jipped! The judging for the gymnastics has been in total favor of the Chinese and it ticks me off. I think that Alicia would of medaled the other night on the vault as well. If it wasn't for the bad judging. How are you doing? Things are going good for us! Hope you are feeling well!