Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nuttin' new yet...

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I went to the dr. again last Monday and I was telling him what the ultrasound tech said about the baby being two weeks smaller than the Dec. 4th date and he said they give a window of 22 days either way, (mentioning a Dec. 17th date this time, grr, she'll stay in there forever, I feel like!) Anyway, he checked me and as of that day, I was dilated to about a one and a half, but no effacing yet. I've been having pelvic pains, which he said was normal, I'm just getting ready to deliver. Anyway, so he said, "We'll see about due date as we go along..." I'm getting soooo anxious to be done and have her out, but I'm trying to not be frustrated. I gotta be patient. As my mom put it, we've just got to leave it in the Lord's hands, He knows when the time is right for her to come. Just trying to be patient....I'm just kinda sad that she won't be here before Sarelle leaves to go back to Georgia the day after Thanksgiving. I was so hoping she'd be able to see the baby. Oh well. :)
My mom says it's paybacks for me being 14 days late myself - hahaha. Guess so. I'll keep ya'all updated.

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susette said...

I remember those days all too well. They will come faster than you will even believe. I know it doesn't feel like it now but just hang in there. It just gives you more reason to love and hug and kiss her when she gets here.

Sami said...

I know it is so so so hard to be patient! But we just want healthy babies...and I can put up with that! Good luck!!!! It sounds like your making progress, and I'm sure she'll come way before December 17th! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!