Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ohh, the agony!

I mean - the agony of waiting these last few days for little baby Silva to come! She is due this coming Thursday (Dec. 4th) so we'll see what happens! I go to the Dr. again on Monday and he said if we go a week over Dec. 4th, they'll induce me. But I'm so hoping that there's some good news on Monday. I'm so anxious to have her out of there! I'll let you know if there's some dilating going on!! It's time for little Princess to move her butt! Someone put a fork in her, she's DONE! (At least I think so.)


Sami said...

I know what you are going through. But seriously after seeing my baby in the NICU I learned a hard be patient. I hope that everything goes well for you and that you'll get to hold your baby soon....but God knows when she is ready! PS enjoy your sleep while you can I've been getting around 2-4 hours of sleep at night and maybe a 1 hour nap during the day, but luckily you could sleep more during the day.

susette said...

It will happen soon enough. Just trust in the Lord. Once she is here and you are getting up at all hours of the night and lacking so much sleep, you will wish for the days of being pregnant again. Enjoy these last few days with Juan as much as you can as just a couple. Your attention turns to a whole new little being and the time alone with Juan will just about be gone. But exciting days are in store. Hang in there little lady :)