Friday, November 14, 2008

What?! Move my date back??

So I went to the doctor last Monday and he was looking through my file. At my first ultrasound, the tech had said she was a little smaller than we thought - like maybe we were a week off or something. So when Dr. Holmes was looking through my file, he said maybe we should get another ultrasound to make sure the baby was looking normal in there. He also said it looked like a NEW due date of Dec. 4th. That means my ticker is off! (I just adjusted the baby thing below the ticker, so anytime between the two, I guess.) Anyway, yesterday, I went to the ultrasound and had fun looking at her again in there. I saw her head and face (sorta - after the tech pointed it out.) The tech said she has more fat on her cheeks now, and she was sucking! It was so cute! Her foot is right in front of her face, it looked like she was sucking on it. hehe. She is still kind of small - in fact, the tech said she's like 2 weeks smaller than the Dec. 4th date, Ugh! However, it might just be that she's not growing or something - she's not off the charts, she is still within the boundaries, so it's not like she's abnormally small, just a little smaller than usual. The tech said that the next time I go to the doctor, he'll measure me again and if she's not growing, they may take her early. The tech also said she has short legs. Juan came home and was comparing our legs, lol. We're both not very tall, I think she just takes after her mama - I don't have very long legs. I think she's ready to come, though, she is head-down. Really, in my opinion, I think she could come anytime, we'll have to see. The Lord knows. :) I'll keep you updated, just wanted to let you know the latest. I'm so excited to have her out of there and be finished, but I must be patient. We want her to be healthy, after all.


Jonika said...

thanks for the update! I love reading your blog. i can't WAIT to see pictures of your baby! Love you girlfriend!

susette said...

Stacey, you should hold a contest. I saw this on a friend of Kali's blog. She had everyone guess her baby's weight and size and post it and the closest person got a treat or a prize. Just a fun thought. I would play along for sure :)

The Silvas said...

That's a good idea! I think I will!