Thursday, June 10, 2010

Monsters Inc. Live!

Disney just made a huge announcement! They're remaking Monster's Inc. and they're doing a live version, neat huh? They've already cast their first character - Boo! Check out the new celebrity below!!

I LOVE that picture! It just reminded me of Boo, so dang cute!!!


Mary said...

She really does look like Boo! She's a cutie for sure.

Julie said...

Stacey, Your little girl so cute! Those big beautiful eye are just adorable. She looks like she has her Grandmothers eyes, she is cute!! I haven't seen the movie but if Boo looks like her it must be a cute movie. By the way, I am your Mom's friend Julie.

Jonika said...

she gets more beautiful each day!

Alison said...

The resemblance is uncanny!
I love it :)

How cute is she?

P & S Carter said...

Oh my heavens, you aren't kidding! She is adorable!!!!