Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This 'N That

Here's some random pictures that I think are cute and/or funny. :) Enjoy!

That is some old milk! Look at the date. Didn't know they stored milk in plastic jugs in 1604, hahaha. I know, I'm weird for taking a picture of milk, but I thought it was funny.

Here's Trent trying out his son, Blake's new swing. Funny guy.

Love this gal!

K, here's the story of the shopping cart. I got this little cart forever ago and I don't know why, I just loved it. It's not one of those flimsy plastic play carts, that's real metal, my aunt thinks it was a salesman's sample or something, I don't know. Anyway, I still love it. I found it on Ebay years ago. Well, Sierra has since discovered it and she too loves it and will push it all over the house, it's so cute. It's just her size. (Well, almost anyway.)

When I get the chance (which is rare!) to do Sierra's hair, I love it. She doesn't usually like me to do anything with it. I love her hair.

And here she is all dressed up, what a poser! hehehe My pretty baby! (Who's not such a baby anymore. *sniff)

I thought this was a cute picture of her during her nap today, my little angel. And as you can tell, we do not have air conditioning. (UGH!) You can just see the heat radiating from her rosy cheeks! Poor thing!

Why do kids feel the need to stuff their faces? Instead of taking a little bite, chewing and swallowing, this is what Sierra does most of the time. Funny, funny girl! And she's looking at me like...."wha?" hehehe


sjones said...

cute little girl!! I love that shopping cart too!

Sadako said...

So cute! The old milk skeeved me though. I hate regular milk--I'm kind of Adrian Monkish about milk! :)

Frosty said...

OMGosh! The shopping cart is just like the ones the grocery stores out in KC area had about 5 years ago! The kids would push them down the isles usually right in front of their parents' cart. My little guy LOVED them! I wondered what ever happened to them...guess they found homes to adoreable little girls like this one.

Beautiful blog!