Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And The Baby Is . . .

That's right - it's a girl!! We went to the doctor on Thursday, July 10th (Juan's birthday!) and the nurse was looking at everything, she said it all looks normal and good. Then she said, "You wanna know what it is?" and I said, "Of course!" She said, "There's no sign of outdoor waterworks, it's a girl!" We're so excited to finally be able to call her a name. Her name will be Sierra Nicholle Silva, I love it! There's some more pictures of her below. The first one is a foot, the second one is her profile, and the third one is her face looking out the screen to say hello! "Hi baby! Can't wait to see you in November!" And of course, the fourth picture is some cute little things I got her - so it begins!! lol

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Trish said...

It’s so exciting when you finally get to find out what you’re having. We never knew with our first (Jenaya) she had her legs crossed and cord there too. But I knew from VERY early on that the twins would be b/g. I was right of course ; )