Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to my sweetie!

My sweet husband's birthday was on Thursday, July 10th and we had a really fun party on Saturday, the 12th. We had family and some of his friends get together, and of course, one friend had to smear him with cake - eww! We also announced what we're having, it was hard to hold it in from family for two days. I hope everyone had fun. I love getting together with family, we need to do it more often! Just wanted to wish you a happy, happy birthday, Juan, I love you!! So does baby Sierra!


Shayna said...

That was a lot of fun. I love birthdays! Camerons is coming up in two weeks. I better get on it. I am also so excited for the Little girl to arrive and so is Courtney she is tired of being the girl on Camerons side! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

susette said...

Hey that was a great little gathering at your mom's. The food was delicious, and I just couldn't get over how delightful those peruvian potatoes were. I gotta get downtown to buy the correct ingredients so I can try some at home. I have told all the kids and even emailed Cooper and told them all you are having a baby girl. Everyone is very happy for you and Juan.

Juan & Stacey Silva said...

Ahh, thanks Susette! And thank you so much for bringing the salad and canopies, I didn't realize the backyard wouldn't need it! It was perfect!