Sunday, July 27, 2008


It's been a few days since I updated what's going on around here, so I thought I'd post some updates! I've started feeling the baby move, it's fun! Little flutters in my tummy, it's so cute! The first little pop I felt in there, I was like, "Was that the baby??" I believe it was! And she's a little more active now, it's cool! My brother's birthday was yesterday and I wanted to wish him a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Another year younger! Birthdays are fun!

We went up to my cousin Mercedes' bridal shower yesterday, she's such a cute girl!! I just want to wish them congratulations! I am happy for them, it's an exciting time in their lives!

Finally, my dear friend Lacee got married, and I wanted to wish them congratulations as well! I'm so happy for both of them, I hope that they have a wonderful life together! She's a beautiful bride! And of course, he's a handsome groom! Congrats Lacee & Travis! I love that bridal picture of you in the field, Lace! Gorgeous!

I guess that's it for now!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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